Adapter Curbs

AES offers a complete line of adapter curbs, designed to transition seamlessly from your existing roof curb to new equipment without penetrating the roof membrane. We have built adapters ranging in size from 1 to 130 tons which are being used on buildings nationwide. Our curbs allow for quick and cost effective unit replacements. All adapters are fully insulated with customized internal dividers that allow for smooth airflow transition for supply and return airstreams. The custom designed transitions allow for a quick installation. Usually the old unit can be removed and the new unit can be set in as little as 20 minutes. This reduces the impact of unit replacement to the environment in the building as well as reducing labor and crane cost for these jobs.

The retro-fit design allows new equipment to be installed to our curb without roof penetration.  Our curbs come fully insulated with customized internal dividers that create a smooth transition to the supply and return areas of the existing curb.  Each curb is specifically engineered for proper load distribution of the unit to be installed.

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