Duct Systems

AES rectangular duct and fittings are factory fabricated in a broad range of standard sizes.  We stock G-90 galvanized steel in 26 through 14 gauge sizes conforming with SMACNA standards.  To minimize field-assembly costs, rectangular duct is supplied in length up to 5 feet.  straight duct has strengthening beads 12″ O.D. throughout, with longitudinal seams typically made with Pittsburgh or button punch snap locks.  End connections can be provided with S & drive slip joints or TDC connectors.  Duck work is available with or without 1″ thick liner.  Straight duct work is normally shipped knocked down to reduce shipping expense while fittings are normally shipped fully assembled.

  • Dedicated machinery in house
  • Pre-fabricated Duct Systems will be included on the truck with the transitions and drop boxes.  No additional freight cost incurred.
  • Three facilities currently producing prefabricated duct systems.
  • AES has 3 Lockformer coil lines capable of producing 6,000 pounds of rectangular duct and fittings per day.

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